Facials, Massage and Holistic Care

Facial Treatments (including skin analysis)
Our renowned products provide the best care and results for all skin-types.

French Mini Facial                    £20.00

30 minute treatment

55 minute Facial Treatments       £35.00

Includes eye-brow shaping for the following skin types:

Normal, Problem Skin, Mature and Sensitive Skin.

Luxury Facials


All  55 Minute treatments for men and women​.

Vitamin Facial                          £38.00

An anti-stress treatment using vitamins A,C,F and E within the mask. Ideal for dull, tired or problem skin. Suitable for sun-lovers, smokers or people recoveing from illness.

Essential Facial                       £38.00

A deep cleansing, relaxing facial that combines a blend of essential oils with a mask selected to suit individual skin type.


Collagen Facial                        £40.00

A superb treatment for that special occasion when looking your best is imperative.

Holistic Care

Aids relaxation and sleep, healing the mind, body and soul rather than a singular problem area. These relaxing treatments restore, re-vitalise and stimulate the body’s own natural healing system.

Aroma Massage Treatments

A therapeutic treatment using selected oils to assist in stimulating the body's pressure points.  

Full Body 50 mins Aroma                     £40.00

Full Body 25 mins Aroma                      £23.00

Back/Neck/Shoulder massage           £23.00

(25 minutes)

Indian Head Massage                              £25.00

40 minutes anti stress massage including head, scalp, upper back, neck and shoulders.

Hot Stone Therapy                                      £40.00

A relaxing massage using Basalt, Marine and Marble stones which are used for their physical formation and energetic properties. A holistic 'Mind, Body and Soul treatment.

Ear Candle Therapy                                £20.00

(30 mins)

Cleanses and de-toxes the E.N.T airways and helps releif sinus and headache problems. Ideal prior to travel.

Reflexology (50 mins)                               £30.00

Popular, relaxing, holistic therapy where imbalances in the body system can be detected and corrected. Pressure points on the feet are stimulated to effect corresponding areas of the body restoring balance and a sense of well being.

Reiki (50  mins)                                          £30.00

A semi hands-on, natural treatment whereby atmospheric energy is harnessed to heal physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the recipient. Aids relation and promotes natural self-healing.





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