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 Body  Care  & Tanning

Total Body Care           £25.00

Exfoliation, scrub and moisturising shower prior to a holiday and/or aftercare. The skin is moisturised, circulationis  improved with flaky and dead skin removed.


Back Skin Care              £30.00

A 50 mins treatment including deep cleansing, exfoliating, steam cleanse, and masking finished with a therapeutic massage.


Serentity Treatment        £50.00

( 85 minutes )  

Body and facial treatment. A lymphatic drainage and pressure-point body and head massage is followed by an Essential Facial. This Facial uses selected Aroma Oils which aid relaxation, leaving the skin feeeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

SerentityPlus                    £55.00

As above with the superb collagen mask replacing the Essential face mask.


St Tropez Tanning            £38.00

Pre- holiday tanning massage

Exfoliation, shower & cream application with a 20mins absorbtion period. The tan develops after  approx, 3 hours to start your holiday tan or to look good for that special occassion.

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