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          The Non-surgical facelift

        Now using  C.A.C.I  Ultimate technology 

Possibly the most renowned and successful way of achieving real results without the use of surgery - this innovative treatment is enjoyed by many celebrity clients. The treatment is painless and relaxing and involves lifting, toning and tightening the slack muscles with the use of a micro-current. Recommended for all types of skin. Your face and body can look more youthful often after only one treatment.


An intense course with regular "quick lift" sessions throughout the year will keep your skin feeling and looking fabulous. Also used as a preventative, rather than a corrective treatment.


55 Minute Treatment                 £45.00


Course of Ten Treatments      £400.00   or             Five for         £225.00

 25 Minute Treatments     - - or ask for a course of 5 price   

Eye Revive                                   £25  

Jowell Lift                                    £22        

Wrinkle Revolution                £20  


 Facial Skin Revolution         £40  (45 minutes )      


Ultimate Toning            £60     -For that  Special Occasion.

90 Minutes of relaxing treatment to reduce fine lines and  plump -out the

facial contours and firm the skin.  A combination of Non-Crystal Microdermabrasion, LED rejuvenation and Micro Current.

Exisiting C.A.CI clients will continue to enjoy Parkview Loyalty Benefits.


This award winning  Facial Toning Treatment has been voted the most effective anti-ageing treatment available. We offer this treatment at  THE most competitive rates.



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